There is a myriad of reasons your house may not be up to par – perhaps you inherited it, or it’s in a great location and your estate agent said it had ‘charm’. It doesn’t matter the scope; Ardragh Construction is here to help.

Our qualified team of builders and tradesmen know how to get the best out of your house. They work on time and to a budget so all you have to decide is what you want.

We have an experienced and creative team that is happy to work both inside and outside any boxes you may have. This is your chance to reimagine and reinvent your home and we would love to help.

Whether you are looking to redesign your house completely or enhance the existing features, we can help. We have already completed several builds and will be happy to share any insights we might have.

The best-case scenario is to have a preliminary budget at the conceptual stage. This way you will save time and potential disappointment as our team will know what they are working with before they show you any ideas.

Once your design is chosen, we will start work on the architectural plans making sure they are compliant with any regulations present in your area. After this has been completed, we can give you an accurate quote based on our understanding of your build.

After you have signed off on those big decisions, we will take care of the rest. Our team at Ardragh understands the scope of a building project and will make sure to tick all boxes.

All you need to do now is trust you put your faith into the right builders. Sit back and watch your dream house come together exactly as you imagined it.